Our Project Profile

Our main research focus will be concentrated on the elephants on Mount Elgon. The Elgon elephants are very special in many ways:
An isolated, (in the 1970/80s) heavily poached, underground mining population of forest-dwelling savannah elephants, offering prospects for a variety of relevant scientific questions.
They can act as a model for heavily poached as well as for isolated elephant populations. Gained data can be correlated with data about forest elephants as well as savanna elephants living in different habitats.


The main task of our work will be, in short, the scientific monitoring and everything concerning the preservation of this unique elephant population. This will include the gain of basic data about the elephants as well as increasing knowledge about basic ecosystem functions. Beyond that, our plans and interests vary widely.
Our project is working towards conservation of elephants and other wildlife in order to maintain the ecological integrity of the unique, montane ecosystem of Mount Elgon and towards mitigation of conflicts between elephants and local people. We wish to establish a basis for a scientific long time work of diverse disciplines for the future, involving local people, researchers and conservationists as much as possible. With our work we also would like to help that the implementation of tourism projects will be based on ecological compatibility and that local communities are able to benefit from.