Cave entrance

In 1885 Joseph Thompson described the caves of Mount Elgon to the European audience but local African people known theses caves for centuries before Thompson published Through Masai land: A journey of exploration among the snow-clad volcanic mountains and strange tribes of eastern equatorial Africa.. The Elgon caves have a long history of human mining for salts to feed their cattle with. There are still remaining signs of round pick-axe marks on the cave walls. The Kiptoro Cave is an interesting example of the way of using a cave:
Elephants and herdsmen often mined in different parts of the cave: Elephant tuskings can be found in the darker and muddier parts of the cave, while the herdsmen preferred mining in the drier and brighter zones (Lundberg & McFarlane 2006).

Up to date, nobody knows the exact number of caves on the slopes of Mt Elgon.